Food packaging

Mono-films printed on the outside, paper or plastic foil laminates printed on the inside (between the layers), paper and aluminium laminates or multi-layer plastic laminates for  heat-sealable bags.

  • For herbs as well as powder and liquid spices such as pepper, red pepper, chili, ginger, sauces, liquid yeast, etc.
  • For desserts: jelly-type desserts, pudding, jelly, baking powder, vanilla sugar, baking soda, dried fruit, etc.
  • For tea, coffee, various instant products
  • For sweets: candy wraparounds, sweet bars, chocolate bars, wafers, crisps, corn curls, etc.
  • For frozen foods. Plastic laminates printed between layers, e.g. BOPP + LDPE laminates for deep-frost products such as fruit, vegetables, vegetable mixes, noodles, dumplings, etc.
  • For ice-cream, butter. Externally printed aluminium and polyethylene or aluminium, paper and polyethylene laminates for cube-shaped packing. Materials used for low-temperature storing.

Packaging for chemical, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical industry, e.g.

Packaging for chemical, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical industry, e.g. laminates for cream or mask sachets, laminates for packing bandages, dressing, or medical instruments such as needles, syringes, soft packaging for antibacterial liquid soap, toilet cubes, etc.

Shrink sleeve packaging

Shrink sleeve labels offset on PVC, PETG and OPS. The idea of the system is based on a shrink sleeve put on a bottle (or another packaging). Under the influence of temperature the sleeve shrinks and wraps around a particular item. We also deliver rolled printed foil tapes.