All Clients obtain their individual access to their own encrypted FTP server folders, which ensures security of the packaging templates sent to us.

DTP digital file handling involves adjusting Client designs to the offset technology requirements so as to obtain top quality printed packaging that can only compare to rotogravure. Upon request we can introduce changes into designs developed by graphic studios.

CtP work station – Computer to Plate. Client files are prepared for their imposition, exposure and development of offset forms or plates. The advantage of CtP offset printing entails a short print form preparation time as counted from the moment particular digital material is received from the client until the moment it is printed. It only takes us 40 minutes from the moment we receive digital material to start printing on a 6-colour printer. In this way we can offer shortened order completion times even for short product series as compared to the common flexographic printing or to the much more expensive rotogravure.